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May 1, 2018
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Beta launch!

Go Zambia Gigs is pleased to announce that it is launching its beta version!

What is Go Zambia Gigs?

Go Zambia Gigs is an amazing new site that connects those who need a job doing with people looking for work in Zambia.

Whether you need a baby sitter or a bookkeeper, a maid or a maths tutor, a plumber or a photgrapher – we can help you connect.

Filling the gaps in your schedule and getting your jobs done

When you have time to spare, Go Zambia Gigs can connect you with people who need jobs done. Whether you have just a few hours or a few months you can find a list of paid jobs that need doing in Zambia.

Find out more at:

Who created Go Zambia Gigs?

Go Zambia Gigs is part of GZJ Ltd. We have been helping people and employers to connect in Zambia via since 2012.

How is Go Zambia Gigs different to Go Zambia Jobs?

Go Zambia Jobs is the #1 job site in Zambia. It helps to connect employers and recruiters with people looking to find employment in Zambia. Typically people who search for work via are seeking permenant employment and want to become employees of the organisation recruiting.

Go Zambia Gigs allows you to work on a freelance basis. This means you can pick and choose what jobs you want to do and when you want to do them. Freelancing is an increasing popular way for individuals, companies and employers to get jobs done. Freelancing is often referred to as the “gig” economy. You get paid for the “gigs” you do, such as a painting a house, designing a logo, tutoring, babysitting etc.

How does it work?

Basically, a job poster places an advert on Those looking for work can search for adverts and apply for jobs that interest them. The job poster can then review applications, communicate with selected applicants and get the job done. The job poster and the freelancer agree a fee for the job and payment is made direct from the job poster to the freelancer.


When the job is done the job poster and the freelancer can review each other. For example, the job poster would review the freelancer and say something like “Excellent work. Arrived on time and did the job as required. Would recommend this person to others.” Whilst a freelancer might review the job poster saying “Easy to work with and made prompt payment when the job was complete.”

Do you charge for this service?

There is currently no fee for posting jobs and no fee to apply for jobs.

Right, let’s get started!

Need a job doing? Post a job now

Want to start earning? Search for jobs

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