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July 11, 2018
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Important Safe Job Search Tips

It is important to ensure that you stay safe when looking for a job in Zambia. In this article we outline 5 safe job search tips in order to help you to identify potential job scams and to help you to protect your personal safety.

1. Always be vigilant

Be open to the possibility that people may not be who they say they are. If you are open to this possibility then you will be in a better position to identify potential scams.

2. Learn how to identify scams

Job scams are increasingly convincing but there are often traits that can help you to identify them as a scam. These include:

  • Being asked to make payment(s) in order to complete an test/application/background check OR you are asked to urgently provide cash/information/payment (this reduces the time you have to consider whether it might be a scam and is a common trick)
  • Receiving unsolicited email/call/text/message with a job offer or business opportunity
  • The “pay” for the role is higher than expected or the returns offered seem to good to be true
  • The “employer” uses different email addresses/contact methods to those listed in the job advert
  • The job advert contains poor English, spelling mistakes or other errors

3. Try and verify job listings

It is a good idea to do some background checks prior to making a job application. These checks could include:

  • Checking with friends or family who work for the employer and may be able to verify the job opening
  • Checking the internet to see whether this could be a potential scam
  • Checking with the potential employer to verify the job opening. Scammers may list genuine contact details – it may be that only the email address or telephone number are not genuine. A simple check with the employer may help to uncover a scam.

4. Reject requests for money

This is the main reason for the existence of most scams. The scammers want to trick you into sending them money. A legitimate employer or recruiter will NEVER ask you to send them money. If you are asked to make a payment then DO NOT proceed.

5. Report scam job adverts

If you believe that a job advert is a scam always ensure that you report this to [email protected] and to the relevant authorities. This will enable them to (1) take action to remove the job advert (2) investigate the scam and (3) prevent other people from becoming victims.

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